Being Filled from What Is Empty

How I love the Easter season! These are the high holy days of the Christian faith. Of course, all days with Jesus are high and holy but these even more so. They are worth savoring, preparing for with the uttermost attention and focus. A filled tomb became empty which allowed empty people to be filled. Death could not hold them and now despair can no longer hold us. My understanding, like yours, of Easter has grown so much and yet needs to grow up so much more. Growing up, Easter baskets were a tradition in my household. We would go to church and then hunt for them. They were always somewhere in the house. There wasn’t a huge emphasis on the Easter Bunny, of what I remember. However, there w

The Church Triumphantly Over-Achieving

“My dad can beat up your dad!” So the taunt went. Wishing to assert ourselves and make ourselves feel better we asserted that her dads were tougher, stronger, and most adept at fighting than anybody else’s dad. And that made us feel better. I remember the first time I heard that on the playground. It seemed like an odd statement. Why would my dad want to beat up your dad? Did he do something to my dad? Was he planning to do something to my dad? Was this person’s dad basing his entire achievement as a human being on whether or not he could be at my dad? I’m sure my thoughts weren’t quite as specific as they are now, but you get the picture. When I became an adult, I became more adult at makin

Living into Lent

I set my mind on you, Jesus, my life. As my thoughts drift throughout the day please return them often to you. Let the beginning and ending of each thought cycle be of you. Let your kingdom flourish in my mind and produce thoughts of peace, kindness, gentleness, and self-control. Let my thoughts find further expression in my body, through acts of service, words of encouragement, and ways to add value to all people I encounter. I set my mind on you, Jesus, today. Please be my life. We all live in environments that have the potential to damage us. We experienced toxic work environments, endeavors that lack satisfaction, relationships that moan under the stress of contempt and unforgiveness,

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